Aeron A New Spy Thriller

Aeron is a new political spy thriller that you can buy as an e-book from your nearest Kindle store for just US$2.99

Australia Canada United Kingdom United States

What are people saying about Aeron

  • I could not put it down
  • The ending was a complete surprise
  • Really professional
  • Exciting
  • Must have taken a huge amount of research

What’s Aeron about?

AeronRaynor, a young Secret intelligence Service (MI6) cryptologist, takes his first overseas holiday in St Petersburg. There he meets up with Natasha who has the palest blue eyes he has ever seen. She tells him about Aeron. Three months later Natasha is shot in the back of the head by a sniper. Those pale blue eyes are gone forever.

Raynor is then transferred by MI6 to Perth in Western Australia. Some one tries to kill him and MI6 sack him.

Others are looking for Aeron: a CIA financial controller with an all consuming hobby of the conspiracy theory and a European Union military security expert.

Was Natasha killed by Aeron?

Raynor sets out to find out on a path that takes him to  a secret US marine forward base in NE Afghanistan and back to Perth.

Who is the man who called himself Aeron?

And why, more and more does Raynor think he is a puppet on a string?

Where and how to buy Aeron

The e-book is available from your nearest Kindle store for just US$2.99

Australia Canada United Kingdom United States

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