I Dream: A Soft Poem

There is a harshness in our modern world that presses in around us. A dark void, a black hole. Left unopposed it invades our souls and leaves no space for compassion and for love. Here is a simple poem that may bring some light, some colour, some softness. Take a moment, and dream.

I Dream

I see, I dream I float among the stars.

An opening leaf, a budding rose

The softness of the setting sun.

Soft music

As from a golden harp

Stroked so gently with such care.

Incense floods my mind.

Soft forms, angels, cupids

Such beauty as even Botticelli

Missed in all his rites of spring

And masterly art.

Poetry, the gentlest touch of lyric.

Sweet memories that bring forth tears

Of joy and rhapsody.

All this I see and more

When I but dream of you.

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