Melancholy: Normative in Western Society?

Melancholy. An Excess of black bile. A poem

Exegesis. Melancholy. An excess of black bile. Feeling dejected despondent, disconsolate, destroyed. In Australia 45% will have experience a mental health condition in their lifetime 1. At only one time around 1 million adults have depression and 2 million, around 1 in 12 or 13, have anxiety.

In the US, 50% of those who have one depressive episode will have a second. Of those, 80% will have a third.

Here is a poem; perhaps to provide some comfort. Those who care for a person with post traumatic stress disorder may like to also read Azure.


Where did it go
What force applied that spun the sun
The seasons race
I blink a year goes by

Where did it go
A thought to start again
Forgotten. It lies beneath
A mist of melancholy

I see it now
A handle offered
A merest possible chance
I grasp relieved inspired again

The bile not so dark
The future beckons
Towards a glow so soft
But that it can only grow

  1. Beyond Blue

2 thoughts on “Melancholy: Normative in Western Society?”

  1. Stunning, Peter. Those verses say it all.

    The last verse reminds me of someone I heard talking about his depression in that he would normally look at a field of grass and see the green throughout the field, but when he suffered depression he saw each individual blade of grass intensely. I think that helped him to emerge from his darkness.

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