Aeron Spy Thriller Book Cover

Does a book work no matter what the cover looks like? Would you be have been more interested in finding out about the book if it had a different cover?

Does the book cover define my book Aeron spy thriller? Does a person only choose to read a book if it has a cover that appeals in some way? Perhaps. Certainly that’s the sale pitch of companies that make money designing book covers. When I am looking for a book, the title and the cover do play an important part in deciding whether I will read the blurb on the back.

So what about my Aeron spy thriller? Where did that cover come from, and does it work?

Aeron spy thriller book cover

I decided to design my own book cover. The decision was pretty simple; I just was not going to pay for anyone else to do it for me. The current book cover was based on a photograph I took inside the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne. The main entrance features a glass wall with water continuously running down the wall. I took a picture of it from a balcony just inside the gallery.

I honed in to just a tree and its reflection and the cover was born.

The concept was that in the book, as in life, all is not as it seems. It is not always possible to recognise an object, or what is going on, from how it appears. Conspiracy is a sub-theme of the book, so that seems as good a way of choosing the cover as any other.

Alternative Book Covers

Possible Aeron book coverAt the time I had two. One I dismissed fairly quickly. It was part of a photo that was actually taken off the coast near Portland, Maine in the US. The idea I had was the main character Raynor really enjoyed surfing. I dismissed the cover for a number of reasons, not the least of which was that the wave in the photo was hardly an exciting break.

The second was an oblong split into two triangles, one black and one white. The symbolism here was that in any conspiracy or any spy thriller events are rarely black and white in the allegorical sense of crystal clear. Black and white Aeron book coverThere are often at least two points of view and frequently there is a second meaning to what is said. There are good guys and bad guys. What is good for a good guy is bad for the bad guy and vice a versa.

Professional advice

I did at least get some professional advice about the three covers I had designed from someone who had read the final version of the book. The Waves was dismissed immediately. The choice between Black and White and the Blurred Tree was harder. In the end the tree won.

Your View

Juliet, in discussing Romeo’s house and her love for Romeo was of the view:

that which we call a rose
By any other name would smell so sweet:

What do you think? Does a book work no matter what the cover looks like? Does the book cover mean a lot when you are considering a book? Would you be have been more interested in finding out about the Aeron spy thriller if I had gone with the black and white cover?

2 thoughts on “Aeron Spy Thriller Book Cover”

  1. Hi Peter
    I too think the waves are not right for the book.
    As it is quite a fast moving subject, I’m not quite sure about the water wall, tho I do like it as a picture……its sort of obscure yet reachable and feels quite gentle to me too. I like the strong black and white. Its striking, says a lot. I did find the picture quite confusing when I downloaded Aeron in 2014, or thereabouts, (it became a bit tangled in 3 weeks in hospital around that time so dates are a bit fuzzy) and as my kindle is an oldish one it only does black and white, so the black and white triangles would stand out more. I guess if books are downloadable to electronics, then the covers need to be clear on that medium.
    Not sure if this is helpful. I bought Aeron because I knew you years ago and was interested in what you write. So the cover was irrelevant.
    All the best, Jo

    Generally books covers are irrelevant to me unless I find a really striking picture, which may or may not reflect the content. I’m more likely to look at the blurb on the back and glance tho the pages. I would also choose a book on whether I had heard of an author and liked their work or their subject matter, or if I was curious. Much as I love the feel of paper and print, a great many are on the kindle as its so convenient to cart around.

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