Ice: A Mexican Woman with a Brain Tumour

A Mexican woman with brain cancer forcibly removed from hospital, deported to her death, is the subject of this poem

US Immigration and Customs Enforcement best successes:

From their inception through August 2013, BEST Units have collectively initiated more than 10,654 cases. These actions have resulted in more than:

  • 12,718 criminal arrests
  • 7,245 administrative arrests
  • 110,711 pounds of cocaine
  • 5,517 pounds of ecstasy
  • 1,764 pounds of heroin
  • 1,036,749 pounds of marijuana
  • 6,325 pounds of methamphetamine
  • 2,988,561 rounds of ammunition
  • 4,657 vehicles
  • $130.2 million in U.S. currency
  • 15,062 weapons

And one Mexican woman with brain cancer. Forcibly removed from hospital and deported to her death. She is the subject of this poem.


Deadly speed cracks coffins
ICE customing enforcement
Leaves ice for dead
Woman bound ankles wrist
Wrest from care
Brain cancer fits
Will return
As she is returned
To Mexico
Drug Lords snicker
Selling crystal tea
A passport’s a fortune
No passport?
Dig your grave

One thought on “Ice: A Mexican Woman with a Brain Tumour”

  1. Makes me shudder, as does the Trump administration. A few words express the horror. So neat.

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