Why They Don’t Read Your Author Blog

I came across a blog by Belinda Griffin recently titled 8 reasons why no-one is reading your author blog. Thanks Belinda, it’s pretty good and it reminded me of a humorous article I had written back in 2011 when not many people were reading my blog. Here it is again.

1 They don’t know it’s there

Classical circular argument. Your site will fail is no one reads it and no one reads it because it fails. Might as well give up and do something useful like counting to a hundred backwards

2 It’s on page 48 on Google

When you started your first site it was not on Google at all. 6 months later things had improved a bit. And then you changed by site name and the site URL in just a few days. Bingo, back to page 48 again. There are reason for changing both site name and the URL. For example it helps if both are similar to each other. And it helps if the name is easy to remember.

But don’t change them both at once. At best it takes a long time to recover.

3 Now it’s on page 24 on Google

Suppose you tag the blog with the word hippo. Google returns 32,300,000 results. OK it only took 0.07 seconds. Now you try white hippo. 11.6 million. New search using white hippo windidda: Google returns 5. Trouble is Windidda is in the back of beyond in Western Australia. About 23 people have heard of it. They all live at Windidda. And they don’t read much at all.

Point is that tags are essential for other people find the blog. Make them too loose and it gets lost. Too tight and no one looks. No tags at all? No chance.

4 They tried, but it took 19 seconds to load

In fact they never found out how long it took to load. They gave up and went somewhere else. Anywhere else.

5 They did read it once – but never again

Nothing there of interest? Put a list of previous comments and a list of previous blogs as a minimum. Experiment a bit.

6 They thought they would try a second time – but DEFINITELY never again

You did mean to write another blog this week …. If you’re going to have a blog post new items regularly.

Or, don’t have a blog.

7 They tried but the site was down

You changed my website host to get more reliable prefomance.

8 They did read it once and fell asleep

You mean the 1567 words in two paragraphs couldn’t hold their attention.

Less that 500 words. Lists or dot points. And make it INTERESTING.

9 It’s boring

Content content content. In the end, nothing else matters.

10 Lots of people read it but you don’t know.

Google Analytics is useful. So is Woopra Analytics. But only look once a day!

11 They do read your blog

Come again, and again and again. Leave a comment. Twitter it. Or both.

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