My Poems

My Poems

Love Poems

Flit A journey through the senses

I Dream There is a harshness in our modern world that presses in around us. A dark void, a black hole. Take a moment and dream

Memories On hope after the death of a partner

On Asylum Seekers

No Clouds Were In The Sky Australia’s international obligations to Asylum Seekers are of no concern to the current government

On Society

Say That Again On a plane crash

Ash In many places today life, or at least death, is cheap

A Stroke The experience of having a stroke

The Un-Australians of the Year Australia has just announced the Australian of the Year. For others who do not have a champion

PM Today in Oz A farcical poem suitable to the farce that is the current Australian PM

Democracy Enwrapped in Terror’s Shroud On the reduction of freedom under the excuse of terrorism

On War

Futility of War A poem in musical rhyming couplet since any child can see war is bad.

Peace Written in protest of civilian casualties that occur in any armed conflict

Shells Without a Soul For those who die and those who cry. And the rest of us who sit idly by

Spring: A Time of Life, A Time of Death Inspired by spring and seeks to contrast its beauty with Tony Abbott’s decision to embrace war, the very antithesis of life

Azure On post traumatic stress disorder

On the Middle East

Decisively by Shrapnel Explores Saudi bombing of Yemen

It Is Right I Exist Explores Israel’s incursion into US internal politics

No World On the use of torture in Israel and elsewhere

I Close My Eyes This has been called anti-Semitic. Read it and see

Zionism Where is your heart? More and more people are pondering the future of Zionism

Tis Morning Here is My Light My Soul On the devastation in Gaza