Why Your Biochemistry is no Excuse for Sexual Harassment

One of the characters in my book Aeron, Erin, is full bottle on the biochemistry of power. He describes how brain biochemistry makes exerting power over others, sexual harassment and domestic violence for example, rewarding to the individual. However that in no way even begins to be an excuse. Continue reading “Why Your Biochemistry is no Excuse for Sexual Harassment”

Why They Don’t Read Your Author Blog

I came across a blog by Belinda Griffin recently titled 8 reasons why no-one is reading your author blog. Thanks Belinda, it’s pretty good and it reminded me of a humorous article I had written back in 2011 when not many people were reading my blog. Here it is again.

1 They don’t know it’s there Continue reading “Why They Don’t Read Your Author Blog”

Aeron New Year Free PDF

As a New Year gift I am giving away 100 copies of my ebook Aeron. All you have to do is use the Contact form on this site and mention you would like the gift.

No strings. No viruses on my site.

I will then send you a link to a password protected page and you can download the PDF.

All I ask is that once you’ve read it you tell all your friends that the book is variable on an Amazon site in their country.

Thinking About Fake News

The current fuss about fake news is, to some extent, itself fake news.

Thinking about fake news; Not that people do all that much, think that is when they read or watch news. If they did, they would realise that much of today’s news is biased at best, deliberately presented in a way to catch your emotions rather than to tantalise your critical thought. Continue reading “Thinking About Fake News”

Laverna: A Novel in Progress

A mysterious group steals the world’s business data; an Australian hacker determines to recover it

Laverna is a little known Roman deity, a goddess of thieves, those who transgressed the Eighth Commandment of a more everlasting god: Thou shall not steal. It is also the title of my next novel. Continue reading “Laverna: A Novel in Progress”

Aeron Spy Thriller Book Cover

Does a book work no matter what the cover looks like? Would you be have been more interested in finding out about the book if it had a different cover?

Does the book cover define my book Aeron spy thriller? Does a person only choose to read a book if it has a cover that appeals in some way? Perhaps. Certainly that’s the sale pitch of companies that make money designing book covers. When I am looking for a book, the title and the cover do play an important part in deciding whether I will read the blurb on the back.

So what about my Aeron spy thriller? Where did that cover come from, and does it work?

Aeron spy thriller book cover

Continue reading “Aeron Spy Thriller Book Cover”

RFID and People Tracking: Background For My Next Book

As part of a background study for my next book, I had a look at Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) devices. Many articles were five or six years old, reflecting a burst of interest at that time. One was new, and was more than a little worrying. It looked at the prevalence of RFID devices implanted into people apparently without their knowledge. Continue reading “RFID and People Tracking: Background For My Next Book”