RFID and People Tracking: Background For My Next Book

As part of a background study for my next book, I had a look at Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) devices. Many articles were five or six years old, reflecting a burst of interest at that time. One was new, and was more than a little worrying. It looked at the prevalence of RFID devices implanted into people apparently without their knowledge. Continue reading “RFID and People Tracking: Background For My Next Book”

Aeron: Spy Thriller With a Conspiracy Background

A conspiracy. That is the subtitle that appears on the book cover of my ebook spy thriller, Aeron. Why is it there?

When I started writing the book I had a concern that information made available to ordinary people was filtered to achieve certain objectives. This of course is the classical argument on which conspiracy theory is based. Continue reading “Aeron: Spy Thriller With a Conspiracy Background”

Aeron A New Spy Thriller

Aeron is a new political spy thriller that you can buy as an e-book from your nearest Kindle store for just US$2.99

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What are people saying about Aeron

  • I could not put it down
  • The ending was a complete surprise
  • Really professional
  • Exciting
  • Must have taken a huge amount of research

Continue reading “Aeron A New Spy Thriller”

The First Time I Saw Afghanistan

NE AfghanistanThe first time I saw Afghanistan I was wearing a borrowed shirt. It wasn’t a particularly attractive shirt, being a faded pale blue with buttons that were beginning to turn yellow. Made of 100 % nylon it was more than somewhat sweaty and sticky even in late November. Continue reading “The First Time I Saw Afghanistan”