Ice: A Mexican Woman with a Brain Tumour

A Mexican woman with brain cancer forcibly removed from hospital, deported to her death, is the subject of this poem

US Immigration and Customs Enforcement best successes:

From their inception through August 2013, BEST Units have collectively initiated more than 10,654 cases. These actions have resulted in more than:

  • 12,718 criminal arrests
  • 7,245 administrative arrests
  • 110,711 pounds of cocaine
  • 5,517 pounds of ecstasy
  • 1,764 pounds of heroin
  • 1,036,749 pounds of marijuana
  • 6,325 pounds of methamphetamine
  • 2,988,561 rounds of ammunition
  • 4,657 vehicles
  • $130.2 million in U.S. currency
  • 15,062 weapons

And one Mexican woman with brain cancer. Forcibly removed from hospital and deported to her death. She is the subject of this poem.

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Melancholy: Normative in Western Society?

Melancholy. An Excess of black bile. A poem

Exegesis. Melancholy. An excess of black bile. Feeling dejected despondent, disconsolate, destroyed. In Australia 45% will have experience a mental health condition in their lifetime 1. At only one time around 1 million adults have depression and 2 million, around 1 in 12 or 13, have anxiety.

In the US, 50% of those who have one depressive episode will have a second. Of those, 80% will have a third.

Here is a poem; perhaps to provide some comfort. Those who care for a person with post traumatic stress disorder may like to also read Azure. Continue reading “Melancholy: Normative in Western Society?”

Neonatal Death- Painting with Silence

Seven colours in the rainbow, seven stages of grief, seven stages in the life of man


Seven colours in the rainbow, seven stages of grief, seven stages in the life of man. Red, the colour of blood, birth, primordial survival. Violet, the colour of subconscious thoughts of spirituality. This poem paints neonatal death with the three sevens’ brushes of silence. It is the second in a new series of poetry inspired by aspects of medicine. The first was Forgetmenot, a poem on the tragedy of Alzheimer’s disease Continue reading “Neonatal Death- Painting with Silence”

Forgetmenot: A Poem About Alzheimer’s Disease

The tragedy of Alzheimer’s disease – a poem

Exegesis: Humans are sentinent, the rest of the animal kingdom is not. The tragedy is that people with Alzheimer’s disease slowly transit from being human to being a part of the rest of the animal kingdom. At the beginning they might recognise their fate; at the end that recognition belongs only to those who care for them. This poem records the transition. Continue reading “Forgetmenot: A Poem About Alzheimer’s Disease”

Samoud. A Tale of Palestine

A poem of hope, tragedy and resilience inspired by Interpal Palestine Verses Poetry Competition

This poem was inspired by the fact that Interpal, the Palestinian Relief and Developmental Fund, is holding a poetry competition as part of its Nakba commemoration event in late May.

The competition, open to UK residents, is to write a poem about Palestine.

I live in Australia, but have submitted this poem to Interpal nevertheless  as a way of showing solidarity with Palestinians where ever they live.. Continue reading “Samoud. A Tale of Palestine”

Thinking of Merle Haggart; On Syria

Syria. Time goes by, mothers cry, kids die. In memory Merle Haggard

I just read a couple of appreciations of the life and music of the outstanding country musician Merle Haggard. I guess he would have made a better job of the it, but here’s a song about Syria. You can add your own music and shed your own tears. Continue reading “Thinking of Merle Haggart; On Syria”

Sublimatory Glimpses of Australia Today

A writer unconsciously tries to solve his inner problems via the sublimatory medium of writing

In 1950, Bergler in an article Does Writers Block Exist observed that a writer unconsciously tries to solve his inner problems via the sublimatory medium of writing.

A poem that peels back an edge of a curtain to glimpse a little of today’s Australia and perhaps some of a writers soul. Continue reading “Sublimatory Glimpses of Australia Today”