Azure, Post Traumaic Stress Disorder, A Poem

NE-AfghanistanThe deep blue semi-precious stone lapis lazuli has been mined in North East Afghanistan for some 9,000 years. The colour of the stone is reflected in the English word azure. In this poem I use the brilliance of the stone’s colour as a medium to explore the post traumatic stress disorder. For those who have served in Afghanistan and in many other of our world’s ever frequent wars. Continue reading “Azure, Post Traumaic Stress Disorder, A Poem”

A Stroke: A Poem

A number of stroke poems have been written over the years, often by a person who has had a stroke. This poem could be useful for a person who has had a stroke, or for carers of such people, whether family or professional. Please send it on by Facebook, Twitter or simply by emailing the URL. Continue reading “A Stroke: A Poem”