Aeron; 20 Free Copies Available

I am giving away twenty copies of my e-book Aeron. To celebrate the New Year.

There is a slight catch. To qualify for the free book, you need to contact me via Goodreads and agree to write a  Goodreads review once you have read the book. Here’s the URL of the Goodreads blog in which I make the actual offer.

The book is available in three different formats, pdf mobi and epub, so there is no doubt that you will be able to read it. The download to your computer or device is absolutely free of any virus.

So that’s it.

You save A$9.90, you get to read a page turner of a book and all you have to do is write a short review. And you are totally free to pan it or praise it as you like.


Aeron: Spy Thriller With a Conspiracy Background

A conspiracy. That is the subtitle that appears on the book cover of my ebook spy thriller, Aeron. Why is it there?

When I started writing the book I had a concern that information made available to ordinary people was filtered to achieve certain objectives. This of course is the classical argument on which conspiracy theory is based. Continue reading “Aeron: Spy Thriller With a Conspiracy Background”

Aeron A New Spy Thriller

Aeron is a new political spy thriller that you can buy as an e-book from your nearest Kindle store for just US$2.99

Australia Canada United Kingdom United States

What are people saying about Aeron

  • I could not put it down
  • The ending was a complete surprise
  • Really professional
  • Exciting
  • Must have taken a huge amount of research

Continue reading “Aeron A New Spy Thriller”

The First Time I Saw Afghanistan

NE AfghanistanThe first time I saw Afghanistan I was wearing a borrowed shirt. It wasn’t a particularly attractive shirt, being a faded pale blue with buttons that were beginning to turn yellow. Made of 100 % nylon it was more than somewhat sweaty and sticky even in late November. Continue reading “The First Time I Saw Afghanistan”